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The North isn’t always grim…

Posted by Alan on January 24, 2009

Berwick upon Tweed

Berwick upon Tweed

And so a new dawn begins. Though, the above is actually a sunset (but I’m pedantic enough to be bothered to be awake for a sunrise).

For a while I’ve thought about a blog – I’ve been writing drivel within Facebook for long enough now – I think the rest of the internet should be involved!


3 Responses to “The North isn’t always grim…”

  1. cowfish said

    And so beginneth the end times…

  2. ikl said

    Now I am a fan of the old multi span masonry arch bridge in the background. I’ve stopped to have a good look at it a few times over the years…

  3. […] than reality! This blog is almost 2 years old now and is a little more diverse than it was on day one.  Important events? Well, probably changing jobs slightly in April and rediscovering cycling as a […]

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