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Posted by Alan on February 28, 2009

On Friday I took a slight detour on the way home from work. The district line wasn’t too well so I ended up leaping off at Blackfriars with at least a 5 minute wait to fill out. From Monday the station is closed, so I thought why grab a few shots with the phone.

Leaving the platform itself, I found they’d already started work – by sanding down the posters! This meant some pretty historical (histerical?) posters were on display. I’ve dated the Leathal Weapon one to 1998 but some of the others looked much, much older…

If you need to get around Blackfriars during the closure – see  http://tinyurl.com/4z2k7z


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Snazzy NAS

Posted by Alan on February 28, 2009

Last week I finally got around to setting up my NAS [Network Attached Storage] box. It’s pretty cool. £25 gets you the little enclosure. It plugs into the switch, in the back room – so I can’t hear it when it’s on. It is quite loud mainly due to the fact it is a hard drive and a fan in a small resonating metal box. Seems to work with Windows Vista (after a firmware upgrade), XP and 2K. Haven’t tried Linux yet but I assume it will probably work without many headaches.

Coupled with a 120GB hard drive I bought off Chris, it works well for the TV we download from 4OD, iPlayer, et al. especially now we don’t have a TV aerial!

Next task is to look at using it to backup inportant stuff and to see how secure the public FTP facility is.

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