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Whisky Whisky Everywhere

Posted by Alan on March 22, 2010

Choices choices...

Last night we headed out to Billy’s to do a spot of whisky tasting. Billy had prepared by choosing very carefully a selection – including an entirely grain whisky (usually used to bulk out the blends), some ‘new spirit’ – i.e. bottled about 3 weeks old and some Japanese 100% sherry cask (usually a single malt will be part sherry part┬ábourbon┬ácask). I pitched in with a 100% sherry cask Speyside for comparison.

We pretty much agreed as a group that the Japanese came out top, with the Glenallachie coming a close second, mainly because of the Speyside’s change in taste after adding water.

The best bit though was that Ruth gave Whisky ago – so now we have a new shared interest. Perhaps I best buy a pad-lock for the Scotch cupboard…

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