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Whisky Whisky Everywhere

Posted by Alan on March 22, 2010

Choices choices...

Last night we headed out to Billy’s to do a spot of whisky tasting. Billy had prepared by choosing very carefully a selection – including an entirely grain whisky (usually used to bulk out the blends), some ‘new spirit’ – i.e. bottled about 3 weeks old and some Japanese 100% sherry cask (usually a single malt will be part sherry part bourbon cask). I pitched in with a 100% sherry cask Speyside for comparison.

We pretty much agreed as a group that the Japanese came out top, with the Glenallachie coming a close second, mainly because of the Speyside’s change in taste after adding water.

The best bit though was that Ruth gave Whisky ago – so now we have a new shared interest. Perhaps I best buy a pad-lock for the Scotch cupboard…


6 Responses to “Whisky Whisky Everywhere”

  1. Yamazaki Sherry cask? Wanna try that. I have a 12 year yamazaki and 17 year hibiki on my shelf.

  2. Nikki said

    It was really good to meet you both on sunday – and thanks so much for the taste of the Glenallachie – it was a close second indeed. And the much better price makes it a top choice for purchase! (And, as I think I drunkenly stated more than once, it had the best bottle!)

    • Alan P said

      No worries – it was really cool to “convert” two people 🙂

      Chivas Regal/Pernod Ricard to a range of those cask strength singles (all in those kinds of bottles I hasten to add!) so something will definitely follow up on the future. When I’ve finished the current bottles that is…(might be 2012 by then!)

  3. Billy said

    Chris: You better hurry – the sherry cask is a single run, as far as I know, so find it soon as it’s quite popular and disappearing. It is rather good though – I’m just having another try at the moment to make sure…

  4. […] Alan and Anna have also done write-ups on their blogs and I think I need to give a general thanks to all of my victims for letting me talk at them for an afternoon: Anna, Alan, Ruth, Paul, Nikki and Michael. […]

  5. cowfish said

    I’ve done my writeup now. Finally…

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