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Bomo Barcamp

Posted by Alan on April 10, 2010

OK, so some of you have questioned my ridiculous early start this morning. Well…  Today I went to the Bournemouth Barcamp.  Barcamp (also known as an unconference) is basically a gathering of people (mostly nerds/geeks/iPhone users) to talk about stuff.  There is no set agenda, though people arrive with their topic for discussion.  In my work with the BCS YPG, we’d decided that we would put a presence at the event (via sponsorship) and attend to understand a bit more about just what a barcamp actually is.

So quite simply… Bournemouth is a really long way from my flat.  I’d got to Waterloo before most the food shops were open (BK provided a dreadful ‘bacon butty’) but Smiths was open so I could at least indulge in a grauniad for some comment on the way down.

The Barcamp itself was pretty good fun.  I managed to fit in some “learning” around encouraging creativity/innovation, a little about accessibility and a lot about the wonderful world of chat roulette (we had a fairly low rate of wankers at only 7.5 in 40 minutes!).  So if you fancy a good geekout… find a Barcamp near you!

(I also made it onto internet radio via http://g3show.gamingradio.net/ with some brief rambling (I tried to be balanced!) on the Digital Economy Bill for those who like internet radio!)

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