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Austerity in the canteen

Posted by Alan on July 19, 2010

A selection of austere offering's in the office canteen

Austerity in the canteen

Recently the caterers changed at work.  Those of you who know me in real life will know that I do not appreciated salad*.  So as you can imagine I was ‘well happy’ when the canteen decided to cut down on the potato fillings (the only real hot food on offer) by filling the pots with an inch of wilted greens.

I understand we’re ‘all in this recession together’. There’s a perfectly good salad bar out of shot – put the greens in there and make them opt in. If less cheese really will save the world, make the cheese pots smaller or just have an inch of air!

2 Responses to “Austerity in the canteen”

  1. Mandatory salad is never good. Are those pots otherwise just cheese? That doesn’t seem like much of a lunch to me. Maybe you could start dealing pies on the sly from a quiet area of the office.

  2. Alan P said

    They are to go with the hot baked potatoes (out of shot to the right). None of the new offices have full canteens so baked spud or hot sandwich is the best you get! – hot sandwich being £3. Oh how I miss the choice Manchester (or even Westminster) city centres provided.

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