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Cycle Hired #4

Posted by Alan on August 17, 2010

I promise not to write every time I get on a damn bike, honest! Today saw me take one of the borisbikes from Victoria to Liverpool St. According to my phone GPS this was 5 miles (8km) – which I achieved in the respectable time of 23 mins. Sadly the GPS lies – it’s just 3.3 miles (5.3km) which is only an average of 8mph.

Homeward bound

Never mind, I’ll try again tomorrow and might try a different route. (I might also try not wearing a suit!).

Am I alone in thinking the Victoria Embankment would make a great cycle super-highway?

3 Responses to “Cycle Hired #4”

  1. Surely Dick Van Dyke or similarnwould be a better nickname for the hire bikes

  2. Alan P said

    Haha, yeah probably. Seems like BorisBike is catching on though – http://www.borisbikes.co.uk/ has sprung up as an unofficial user community which is quite neat.

    I still haven’t managed to make the BlackBerry app work yet though.

  3. […] Aug: Borisbiking! […]

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