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A bit of nostalgia – Milnrow Carnival, 1992

Posted by Alan on August 23, 2010

Recently I’ve been playing about a bit with some old VHS cassettes to learn how best to convert the old family videos to digital formats before we no longer have devices to play them on! Most of this is family stuff that isn’t really for the internet, but when I found Milnrow Carnival in 1992…well youtube’d it had to be (it’s not a revolution, it’s OK).

On Newhey Road by the card factory.

On Cornfield St outside what was Hollingworth High School… just 18 years go but seems like a whole different world.

For the tech-heads I’ve written a bit more below on the technical aspect.

Warning – technical!

So the conversion process I’m using isn’t the simplest but it is giving half decent results without worsening the quality of the already decaying VHS.


Hitachi M930E VHS recorder with auto-head cleaner, picked up off freecycle

Terratec Cinergy XS USB video capture (borrowed off Richard…must return sometime and purchase own!)


Terratec’s own capture software

Gordian Knot (and the wonderful programs it uses)


Capture MPEG (MPEG-2) in real time directly from stream, usually at 704×576 – i.e. 4:3 (ish) DVD ratio. Next using Gordian Knot prepare the video to be encoded into H.264 (using the X264 vfw codec) and LAME for audio. This also scales the video down to  640×480, deinterlaces and applies a noise filter.


One Response to “A bit of nostalgia – Milnrow Carnival, 1992”

  1. Damian said

    You might also want to look at Handbrake for the encoding – it gives a really nice front end to a lot of stuff.

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