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Are electric bikes cheating?

Posted by Alan on September 13, 2010

Spotted in the centre of Holt, given the topography of Norfolk, is electric assistance really necessary?

It was ridden away by a more mature rider like, but surely half the point of riding a bike is keeping fit? (As well as being able to go anywhere whenever…)

6 Responses to “Are electric bikes cheating?”

  1. I have mixed feelings, they open cycling up to those who couldn’t or wouldn’t otherwise, but at the same time there is something meaningful about providing all of the power yourself and being completely self-sufficient, if you are able.

  2. cowfish said

    I use a bike (when it’s not been stolen) to get from one place to another place, I care little about getting fit (as any who see me will attest). You use a bike for what you want to use it for, the only common thing is moving along on a number of wheels.

  3. Part of me says yes, part of me says, they get people out of cars…

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