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Crap cycling in Walthamsow

Posted by Alan on October 24, 2010


Is a Walthamsow a flying pig?

Just down the road from the glorious road improvements on Wood St Walthamstow,  is this fine sign.  Attention to detail? Thought not. Further up the cycle lane disappears completely – as suddenly one is encouraged to cycle up the pavement. Personally I prefer not to – as a pedestrian I don’t particularly like the idea of sharing my space with cyclist who is probably travelling at twice my speed!


Shared space - Woodford New Road (A104)

And why bother painting the red bit of the lane if cyclists are meant to swerve off behind the sign onto the pavement? Over to the other side of the road and there’s some white paint to let you know to expect cyclists.


Man and bike

As you see there is plenty of space here. Could fit a pretty good segregated lane off to the right alongside the road. Oh well…

2 Responses to “Crap cycling in Walthamsow”

  1. I would love to see some kind of fly on the wall documentary about the people who design and implement this kind of infrastructure. How do they end up making such terrible decisions? Are they insane and believe this is what people want? Do any of them cycle, ever?

    • Alan P said

      I bet many things are actually decided by committee, hence the compromises! Ruthless dictatorships do have some positives, apparently.

      Found a crackingly crap cycling intervention over lunch in North Greenwich… photos to come later on after tea!

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