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No Sunday Roast

Posted by Alan on October 17, 2010

No Sunday Roast, originally uploaded by Alan Perryman.

Smithfield Market does not open on Sundays.

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Belisha Beacon

Posted by Alan on October 16, 2010

Belisha Beacon, originally uploaded by Alan Perryman.

If you didn’t have the photo, would you know what the subject of the photo was?

I think I picked up the name from my parents – who must have in turn picked it up from their grandparents, as their eponymous creator passed away in the year of their birth, let alone mine!

Still, on the way to the pub a couple of weeks ago with 6 friends no-one else knew…

Possibly factually correct info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belisha_beacon

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Tube reflections

Posted by Alan on October 16, 2010

Tube reflections, originally uploaded by Alan Perryman.

Outside Farringdon tube – peered through the window in the fence to see if anything interesting was happening on the Crossrail works and noticed the reflections behind.

10 seconds later and perfect timing – the ghostly figure and building plus tube train in the right space.

Still, nothing interesting happening.

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No entry by the bins

Posted by Alan on October 14, 2010


No entry by the bins, originally uploaded by Alan Perryman.

Hidden away in a service tunnel.

No entry.

Unless you need to throw something away of course.

Then anything goes.

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Heron Tower

Posted by Alan on October 12, 2010

Heron Tower, originally uploaded by Alan Perryman.

Large buildings are harder to play with when you can’t zoom out.

This is Heron Tower on Bishopsgate (nr Liverpool St), still under construction.

(see crane at http://www.flickr.com/photos/grimnorth/5067731081/in/set-72157625133533144/)

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Cripplegate Free Library

Posted by Alan on October 12, 2010

Cripplegate Free Library, originally uploaded by Alan Perryman.

Tactful, caring Victorians?

Spotted near Barbican.

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Posted by Alan on October 11, 2010

Contraflow, originally uploaded by Alan Perryman.

The tunnel under the Barbican. Murky, natural light has little place here.

A midst the occasional black cab, a jogger takes a stroll to answer a phone call.

Just keep going.


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This is England. 2010.

Posted by Alan on October 10, 2010

This is England. 2010., originally uploaded by Alan Perryman.

Today London offered up a fine sunny day. I couldn’t stay in an finish off the BCS work I was meant to – we just don’t get enough sunny days, in October!

So I headed into the city, picked up a BorisBike with my 50mm fixed focal length lens to practise using it.

Full shoot at http://www.flickr.com/photos/grimnorth/sets/72157625133533144/ I’ll be posting my favourites individually as blog posts in due course…

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Norfolk Holiday – Day 5 – Norwich

Posted by Alan on October 10, 2010


Ready for home

Ready for home


With a 4pm train from Norwich to London we were really not in a rush.  A final full breakfast and a gentle roll down to the station put us on the 1046 out of Sheringham.  A much posher train than before –  we could even use our first class tickets! (Yes, I know. The cuts are going to suck.) The cycle stowage area was a bit strange – quite well secured, though you’d struggle to fit a really large framed bike in there and it was probably also the wheelchair space. Still, we retired to the reclining seats of first class and hoped our bikes would still be there when we got off.


Well secured

Well secured


Thankfully they were.  Arriving into Norwich around 12pm gave us a little time to explore.  Norwich seems to be quite a strange place, some cycling infrastructure but a lot of signs making sure you knew not to cycle on the pavement.  Pretty soon we got bored of being routed on the ring road, found the town square and locked up.  On Pottergate, we found a coffee shop where we picked up the middle bit of the Grauniad with an article featuring ‘the gods of science’. Next stop, The Belgian Monk for some lunch.  We had a go at al fresco dining until the weather rolled in – still the beer was excellent.


Beer fit for gods

Beer, fit for gods


From here we headed back towards the station ready for early boarding (still no reservations!) encountering some cycle rage.   Still, we made it back safely.  Getting back into London, the railway line skirts the edge of the Olympics site – an unexpected stop allowed a few photos from afar – the work is coming along nicely. It won’t be long before everything is finished – I hope!


Olympic Stadium

Olympic stadium


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Norfolk Holiday – Day 4 – Is Wells-next-to-the-sea?

Posted by Alan on October 9, 2010


Looking towards Wells

I beg to differ


We awoke to rain so very quickly abandoned any plans for cycling. Yes, it’s true we are still fair-weather cyclists! So, instead we opted for the coast-hopper bus for the 20 mile journey to Wells-next-to-the-sea.  A lovely ride through some very picturesque villages, including some so narrow it felt as if our bus had to breathe in to squeeze though.  We arrived into Wells at low tide, so it was very much Wells-about-a-mile-and-a-half-from-the-sea – see above! Down by the harbour (in shot above, but so far away you won’t make it out!) we managed to find a café for a cream tea, a favourite holiday treat.


Cream Tea, Norfolk style

Cream tea, Norfolk style


Anyone from Cornwall reading? I’d fully recommend you apply for Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). Unlike a real cream tea, the clotted cream was swapped for whipped. It’ s wrong, no two ways about it.  It probably didn’t help the girl serving behind the counter felt the need to put on a false voice/giggle every time someone ordered something yet talk normally to the other staff. Bit strange to say the least! From here we went for a walk to find the sea after about 1.5 mi (2.5 km) we eventually found this:


Beach huts, Wells

Beach huts


The actual sea was at least another mile away on the other side of a deep shipping canal carved into the sand!  It did at least look like at high tide this area became sea. Back into Wells again we trawled the charity shops looking for Tugs. No luck! We then took the bus back to Sheringham for fear of being stranded in Wells – being in the countryside proper here, all public transport stops at 6pm (the public don’t want to go anywhere after 6pm apparently). This gave us chance to wander around ‘The Mo’, Sheringham’s new lifeboat and fishing boat museum.


The Mo, Sheringham

The Mo


A stunning building with some interesting facts and figures (especially if you like boats). Friday night’s tea was provided by The Crown, a fairly large bog standard pub close to the sea front.  A full range of Greene King beers and for the price fairly average food.  (Note, before you accuse me of beer snobbery: I’d much rather live in a world dominated by a large brewery like GK than live in one devoid of ale, OK?).

We popped back to the Windham Arms for the 3rd and final time, this time managing to sample Woodforde’s Nog – something I tried to brew as a student. Needless to say, Woodforde’s version was much better. A proper ‘old ale’, dark but with a real sourness that is more like the Belgian lambics than a modern English bitter. Fantastic stuff.

And with the pint finished, it was time to wander home and pack for our final adventure.  Norwich and home.

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