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Segregation on Queen Victoria St

Posted by Alan on November 24, 2010

Queen Victoria St

Segregated Cycling on Queen Victoria St

This short section of road on Queen Victoria St is a regular highlight of my occasional commute between Victoria and Liverpool St. (Except of course for the time that white van parked across the entrance. No camera with me that time).

As you enter the ring of steel, part of the constriction of the traffic flow has enabled 300 metres of segregated running. It’s great, no fear of trucks, buses or ‘dooring’. I’m not sure why they bothered with the double yellow lines though.

Now if we could have segregated lanes down the Embankment, that truly would be a cycle superhighway…

4 Responses to “Segregation on Queen Victoria St”

  1. shame they failed to do anything at the RoS on Holborn 😐

  2. Murray said

    Skinner Street EC1 has segregated cycle lanes with a raised area separating it from motor traffic. Didn’t stop a lorry from driving over and parking on it though. Mind you, double yellow lines seem to mean nothing to many motorists anyway.

  3. christhebull said

    Seems OK, but thinking about it, the cycle lane is rather narrow could be wider if it wasn’t for the, oh, irony, cycle hire docking station.

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