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Bad and wrong

Posted by Alan on November 26, 2010

Bad and wrong

Cycling on the pavement is bad and wrong. Just stop it.

It’s this kind of cycling that gives us who obey the law a bad name. If you’re tempted to… just don’t!

3 Responses to “Bad and wrong”

  1. Ian... said

    A thorny issue…I don’t ride on pavements either as a rule, although have done with my daughter as it is the only practical way of riding anywhere with her on anything but a backstreet.

    Were they riding fast or just rolling along? Whereas anyone riding along recklessly clearly is being dangerous & a menace to pedestrians, I’d argue that there is a difference between that & what the picture seems to portray of somebody riding carefully at or just above a walking pace – despite what the highway-code says.

    It’s the former case that has given the bad reputation in the media, not the latter, and rightly so.

    There’s also another aspect that leads to much confusion. A ‘pavement’ is what runs alongside a road. A ‘path’, of the type that may run between houses or inter-connect with roads isn’t a ‘pavement’, and as far as I’m aware is actually legal to cycle on, unless specified otherwise by a ‘Traffic Regulation Order’ – in which case would be marked by a sign that forebode cycling.

    These paths are occasionally marked with ‘ickle blue signs & a claim made that a new cycle route has been provided – which in reality is b******s, as it was already ok to use in the first place ;>D

    • Alan P said

      In this case they were slowing down in preparation to dock at the BorisBike terminal on Queen Vic St, so not causing me immediate issues at the time – more the fact it’s a half decent photo of someone on the pavement! 🙂

      But, still, I do find it really hard to accept people riding on the pavement – most of my self propelled travelling is on foot and it’s really irritating when people ride along fast. Last night on the way down to a mates flat in Manchester I was almost taken out by someone steaming along.

      I hate the pretend cycling facilities too! It’s no wonder people get confused and ride where they shouldn’t when they are sometimes encouraged to cycle on the pavement…

      • ian... said

        Well yeah too true – all this ‘dual use’ shite really is just that.

        The kind who nearly took you out definitely comes under the ‘dangerous’ & menace’ tags – no better than a motorist bullying you riding your bike!

        Oh & sorry, yes nice photo ;>D

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