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Wiff waff

Posted by Alan on December 22, 2010

Wiff Waff - 50p coin

Wiff Waff!

Last week the metro carried a story about girl who finds a coin from next year. This week I have three. Not really news is it?

Still, I feel blessed that the first 2012 coin I got was the ‘Wiff Waff’ design.

Wiff Waff is coming home, donchaknow?

2 Responses to “Wiff waff”

  1. Rodge said

    If you found a coin from 2012 I will be VERY impressed! lol Surely the whiff waff comes from 2011? I found that report pathetic, it said “Sarah hopes to cash in on the find so she can help pay off her University fees.”, but surely there are millions of them and they are only worth 50p a piece! I hope she hasn’t gone out to buy a yacht just yet…
    I don’t think the 2011 money has made its way up North yet. They should get here sometime just before 2015. ..

  2. Alan P said

    Haha – yeah! I’ve seen 3 of the 2011 release 50p coins so far so they are about as rare as er… 50p coins down here though the table tennis is by far the best design IMHO.

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