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No room at the inn!

Posted by Alan on January 30, 2011

No room at the inn!, originally uploaded by Alan Perryman.

This afternoon I popped back to the Duke of Wellington in Dalston to get some pictures…ready to blog about their Scottish beer festival.

Such is the popularity of cycling in this area, both Sheffield stands were crammed full along with every lamppost within sight!

2 Responses to “No room at the inn!”

  1. ian... said

    Hey now Alan – I’m all for jumping red lights & wotnot, but that bike in the foreground…it’s parked on double yellows in a cycle lane!!!

    Jus’ ribbing – it’s always nice to see a set of stands heaving with bikes – a good argument for putting up more :>)

  2. Alan P said

    Lol, good point! I hadn’t paid much attention to that other than hoping it belonged one of the pictured ladies – it didn’t appear to be locked at all!

    (mine was parked up in the nearest ‘safe’ spot – blog post coming soon!! – I’m a good boy me ;))

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