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A real cycle superhighway

Posted by Alan on February 24, 2011

At speed - on a bike

At speed

A few weeks ago Mr C of MCR Cycling came to visit, mostly to play on the BorisBikes (more of that later) as well as drink scotch at WhiskySquad #11 and buy a shiny Brompton.  As part of our day on the cycle hire scheme we took in what I would call a proper cycle superhighway.  Straight and segregated, the paths across Hyde Park stretching from Marble Arch to Hyde Park Corner and onto Kensington are absolutely fantastic. They aren’t quite wide enough for really comfortable passing at speed but it was easy enough to pass with care.

In 30 seconds we pass 4 bikes coming out of town – if there were more lanes like this maybe more people might be persuaded to use pedal power to commute regularly.  I haven’t got to commuting myself yet but after Bogle is done, I’ll be onto training for the C2C so I’ll need to build up some stamina and ditch the final 10 kgs before I hit ‘normal’.  10-11 miles each way will be hard to start with but having cycled into town once now I know it is at least not beyond my capability.

Talking of Bogle – sponsorship is now open. I hope you can spare a few quid and gift aid via http://www.justgiving.com/AlanP-Bogle2011! There’s just over a week left before the epic overnight walk begins. Exciting times!

On a lighter note – during the quiet spell mid afternoon, Mr C managed to perfect a wheelie technique. Well, it isn’t specifically banned under the code of conduct!


Oh look a wheelie

5 Responses to “A real cycle superhighway”

  1. Murray said

    There’s a similar path through London Fields in Hackney and a good one going across Millfields Park South down in Clapton. They’re very, very well used by cyclists. This is the thing that the London Cycling Campaign don’t seem to be able to grasp. Give people adequate facilities and they will use them. A critical mass of cyclists won’t happen whilst too many non-cyclists are frightened of vehicular cycling.

  2. ian... said

    Great wheelie – Danny McCaskill ‘esq roadtesting!

  3. That ride into town wasn’t as bad as I expected, although it was on Saturday. During the week at least the other traffic will be effectively stationary due to the short-sighted approaches to transport planning which are endemic in the UK. That wheelie shot came out pretty well too I think. For those interested the front rack also doubles as a handy aero bar for those high-power sprints.

    A Brompton might be a good idea on Cycle-to-Work, I tend to be more optimistic with the distances I do on mine because I know if something goes wrong or I get too knackered I can just hop on a bus or train (or even tram) with it. Riding that kind of distance to work won’t seem as daunting if you have the option of giving up on bad days or when you have to go somewhere after work. Would also be good for when you go out of London too. I’m pretty sure you can get accessories and such included with the main Cycle-to-Work purchase. Plus there is the option of dynamo lighting too.

    • Alan P said

      Yeah I have started to become tempted – it would be very handy to get back to my parents eschewing a taxi or parent-taxi ride in the process. We’ll just have to wait and see if cycle to work comes back in April … and how the cuts affect my employment!

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