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Posted by Alan on August 5, 2011

I’m a day off today, which has given me the chance to catch up on some bits and pieces and lounge round the house. This meant I followed up on an email from TfL, telling me about the joy of Skyride. Being a bit of a leftie liberal, I did think twice about whether I should sign up for something so overtly connected with Sky but the centrist me me said ‘meh’, it might be a nice bike ride – there’ll be no cars on the road! On signing up you get presented with this survey, to ‘help them organise their events’:

Skyride Survey

‘Some cyclists thing they own the roads and are a danger to other traffic’?
Really now? Spot the question written by the non-cyclist!

Yes cyclists can be a danger to pedestrians (less to then motorised vehicles, obviously) but the majority of the time anything stupid one does puts the cyclist at risk rather than the ‘traffic’. 13st of me versus a 1 tonne car is not a contest I’m likely to win. I wonder what outcome the researcher is actually trying to get to from that question…

5 Responses to “Skyride”

  1. ed said

    How does being a leftie liberal doesn’t conflict with going on a Skyride?

    Sky has a very liberal approach to broadcasting – if you want its services you pay them and if you don’t they won’t threaten you with a fine and a criminal record if you use your TV to watch programmes from other broadcasters.

    I pay the government so it can screen Top Gear and Formula 1 car races. I have no interest in the exercises in glorification of the motor car, but the government will get very illiberal with me if I don’t cough up.

  2. Alan P said

    It’s more around the huge business thing; I doubt Sky’s actually motivated to increase cycling it just is looking for another means to spread it’s name so people buy it’s services…

    I personally don’t mind paying for niche interest television services that I’ll never use, such as Welsh language TV etc because the market will never serve those interests as it’s just not profitable to do so.

    I guess the conflict is between the left and the liberal in me?

  3. Z said

    Sunday 7th August: Central Manchester was cordoned off with barriers, covered in advertising for a News International TV station. Travele newes warned of closed roads, pedestrians found themselves walking long distances to cross the road.

    A few bored looking people on bicycles ride round advertising the same TV company.

    With any luck Sky will be told to get lost next year.

  4. “Yes cyclists can be a danger to pedestrians…” Actually, I think the danger to pedestrians is overstated. It’s pedestrians being, rightfully, grumpy about inconsiderate cyclists. Most cyclists do not want to hit a pedestrian and the vast majority ensure that collisions do not occur. The same, however, cannot be said about the HUGE number of pedestrians that I have to avoid on a daily basis who step off the pavement into the road or walk onto cycle lanes without a care in the world.

    • Alan P said

      Yeah – I had a very close run in with someone on Bishopsgate in the rush hour who stepped out between two taxis as I was filtering through the stationary traffic. Wearing his iPod. It was a good job I had slowed down!

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