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Speeding through the Skyride

Posted by Alan on September 6, 2011

So this weekend saw the return of ‘Skyride’ (formerly Hovis freewheel) the cycling event that closes off a large chunk of London so Londoners can meander round on two wheels. Apparently this year saw a drop in attendees, with just 55,000 attending compared with last years 80,000 but then it was raining for much of the day so hardly surprising some people stayed at home. It was good fun – but as you might spot in the video above, put a hi-vis on an over enthusiastic marshal and you invoke their internal god-complex and bring the proceedings to a halt. Ho hum.

Of course, away from the Skyride circuit it was situation normal.

3 Responses to “Speeding through the Skyride”

  1. ian... said

    Ah the over enthusiastic marshalls! Think once plainly obvious the pedestrians had passed, I may have ‘jumped red’ there…**** em & all that ;>D

    Nice vid!

    • Alan P said

      At 02:15 you can see someone trying exactly that! At some point I plan to film one (or more) of the cycle superhighways from end to end and speed up… not sure when though, got a lot on. Technology is marvellous isn’t it?

  2. Angi said

    God it was dismal. Not many people showed up and it rained. Thank goodness for the marshalling tent and better toilets compared to last year…oh and the free lunch of course!

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