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Horniman Aquarium

Posted by Alan on June 22, 2012


Here little fishy…

A few weeks ago, when my parents came to stay we decided to venture across the river to a museum I had read a little about: The Horniman.

It’s a proper collection of random stuff. From rooms full of musical instruments, to stuffed animals, to live animals, to photographs of quaint British customers, to photos of dress and tattoos. There was even a meta-museum of the museum itself!



Probably my favourite collection was the aquarium though. Photos fully allowed (provided you keep the flash off) with some really neat lighting and display tanks. Much better value than any sea life centre I’ve ever been in.

Tropical fish

Tropical fish

Definitely well worth a trip if you are in the Forest Hill area.



For more info take a look at http://www.horniman.ac.uk

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