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London’s Cable Car

Posted by Alan on June 28, 2012

Today saw a brand new piece of infrastructure open across London’s sky line: branded Air Line by it’s sponsors, a new cable car from North Greenwich to Royal Victoria Dock.

Cable Car

Cable Car

Part transport link, part tourist attraction the cable car makes the crossing in between ~4 and ~10 minutes depending on what mode it’s in.

North tower

North tower

These photos were taken on Tuesday prior to opening, I didn’t make it up with a camera today to show case the view. However I have been up, there are good views of both the Docklands development and the Thames Barrier, you’ll just have to believe me (or search for other photos!)

Above us only sky

Above us only sky

Photos were taken with my 1970s Tamron 200mm prime – not quite as sharp as I would like, more practise needed I suspect.


2 Responses to “London’s Cable Car”

  1. Seems like a clever idea. I guess London is really getting ready for the Olympics this summer then. Look forward to watching it.

  2. Levi Freeman said

    I like the cable car, it is relaxing. views are not amazing as theres little to look at apart from the dome and canary ward skyscrapers. I like this video of the ride up in the cabin. http://youtu.be/yqkdrG9O-bY

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