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Brass and Boats in Little Venice

Posted by Alan on May 3, 2009

Ahh bank holidays. Time to kick back in the flat and enjoy the rain? Not so this weekend. An unusual break in the London bank holiday weather allowed a bit of exploring.

So, what to do? Somewhere I found out about this boat thing down in Little Venice. Essentially lots of boats (and people) converge on the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal and have some fun. There was stalls a plenty, beer tents and a band that sometimes floated (see above).

I’ve put a whole load more shots online at http://alansrandomness.fotodock.co.uk/c1691986.html – I think I even managed to frame a few nicely this time!

Totally unrelated, I’ve been starting to wade through a bargain bag of albums from Vinyl Exchange in Manc. Have found what I think might be gem amongst the dross. This gem is ebb – think Sigur Ros but with the random electronic sounds of Thom Yorke. The vocals remind me very much of my architects who I saw support Cooper Temple Clause a few years ago.

Enough from me. The time zone change between West and East London has made me feel somewhat sleepy…zzzz…

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March Madness

Posted by Alan on March 30, 2009

Quick picture thread tonight on some of the mad March things I’ve missed out. Very careless indeed.

Bogle 09 – some more photos.


Big Dave at Bogle - Manchester Uni

Big Dave at Bogle - Manchester Uni


Bogle 09 - Welcome to Macclesfield

Bogle 09 - Welcome to Macclesfield

Illuminating eh?


Lights at the Camden Centre

Lights at the Camden Centre

Lights at the Forum, Kentish Town

Lights at the Forum, Kentish Town

Lights at the Royal Albert Hall

Lights at the Royal Albert Hall

And lastly… some epic fail:


5 a day Fail!

5 a day Fail!

Estate agent trying to be clever fail. It was like this for over a week!

Estate agent trying to be clever fail. It was like this for over a week!

 The last one is actually from February but had escaped…

Danger! Fail!

Danger! Fail!

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King Lear

Posted by Alan on March 14, 2009

On Friday we went to King Lear, at the Young Vic, Southwark.

It was pretty awesome. Very good use of props and the stage space. During the storm monologues, it rained. There’s about 15-20 minutes of storm and it rained the whole time. Infact, it rained so much that during the interval between Act 2 and 3, some stage hands appeared with mops.

However the most disturbing bit for me was the gory bit. I’m good with gore. At all. So when the earl of Gloucester had his eyes gouged out by Regen and the Earl of Cornwall I didn’t feel so good! Before I turned away “blood” had shot across the stage floor (falling just short of the audience). I missed the most gory bit, though Ruth did delight in telling me on the tube on the way home.

If you are booked to see it – enjoy! If not… I think it is sold out now 😦

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Scouse Culture

Posted by Alan on February 25, 2009

On Sunday I went to Liverpool. It’s been a very long time since I last went to Liverpool and did more than caught a bus. And even then, we pretty much just went round the Beatles museum and went home.

It probably wasn’t the cleverest of excursions. I had absolute craploads of stuff with me, having been back to my parents in Friday (collecting some hardware en-route), then to Nikki’s party where I collected some left-over booze to bring home. I guess that probably counts as tourist fail.

Still, I did manage to see some of the sights and culture. I saw the Mersey and the Liver birds. Had a cup of tea by the albert dock (with a scone, but not cream – lame). Walked round the Tate. Obeyed when the second man asked me to put my bags in the Tate cloakroom (naturally, first time I was suspicious, until I figured out it looked like I was on the rob). Wandered round Liverpool ONE and bought some leftovers from Zavvi. And then it was pretty much home time. Not until I’ve found a home bargains/quality save and stocked up on cheap tat. Just can’t get it in London.

All in all, Liverpool probably doesn’t deserve it’s repuation. Only once did I really feel afraid to get my camera out. And I did anyway… Maybe in the summer I’ll go back and find the rest of the city.

You can find the rest of the photos at http://is.gd/kJFE

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The Kings Cross

Posted by Alan on February 24, 2009

On Friday, I took the train from Kings Cross. This in itself isn’t too unusual for me as I usually pick the cheapest route home rather than the quickest; it’s 30 – 60 minutes longer via Leeds but I had plenty of time to spare on Friday.

As really I had far too much time to spare, I came out of the tube onto Pentonville Road rather than the normal exit and went for a wander. There’s some lovely buildings around Kings Cross/St Pancras (see above) – I wonder how many of them will feature in the area post redevelopment…

I meant to get plenty of work done on the journey home. But the wifi on the train wasn’t working properly, plus Wendy and Anna sat opposite decided that really I should play cards with them. Fair enough I guess!

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