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Crap cycling in Waltham Forest

Posted by Alan on July 3, 2010

Since last week’s epic adventure to Hampstead, Chris pointed out a local blog campaigning for better cycling (or rather pointing out the failings of the current provision) – Crap Cycling & Walking in Waltham Forest

Not being a proper regular or militant cyclist (yet) I hadn’t really thought too much about the facilities. But this morning, doing a round trip to pick up post and shopping… it really became evident.

Cycling Hazard in Leytonstone High Road

Cycling Hazard in Leytonstone High Road

Leytonstone High Road is one of the better routes round here – cycle markings both sides. But today… the council are working on the drains, so not only do you have to cope with the car door/parking hazard but also the occasional slalom into the ‘car space’ just to keep moving forward.

Still 5 miles down today. Reckon I can get a few more in before the weekend is done…


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Pie Mash and/or Eels

Posted by Alan on June 15, 2010

Yesterday I had the day off to do a bit of cycling, exploring and photographing pubs for the local branch of CAMRA. Sadly the good weather I set off in quickly turned overcast so I’m not sure how useful many of the photographs will be – though at least one pub in Leytonstone appeared to be being demolished as I passed by!

More on the pubs will appear at my other blog, East London Drinker.

However… it did mean that I was in in the right place to sample the ‘Noted Eel and Pie House’ on Leytonstone High Road. Sadly they had run out of eels (damn!! – not) but I could get myself a pie and mash.

Noted Eel and Pie House, Leytonstone

Noted Eel and Pie House, Leytonstone

The menu is fantastically simple. You can have Pie, Mash, Pie & Mash, Eels & Mash or Eels. Ask nicely and you can have a cold soft drink to wash it down with. They also sold frozen pies for anyone wanting to recreate the experience at home. Décor within the restaurant is simple too – a mixture of chairs and benches arranged around stainless steel tables.

Simplicity is good. The pie was good – I even liked the liquor this time (perhaps I am being southern-ised after all?)

If you’re in Leytonstone between 11 and 3 this place is well worth a visit.

The Noted Eel and Pie House, Leytonstone

Noted Eel and Pie House

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