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Glastonbury 2009 – Friday

Posted by Alan on July 7, 2009

There isn’t going to be any particular order in these glasto notes – too much to write about and way not enough time or inclination to really bother!

Friday was a bit of a mission for me really. Not sure why but it just seemed like a good day to see a lot of bands. Maybe it was the lousy weather and the fact the queens head was pretty empty so I could see small bands and be dry. Needless to say, 15 bands in one day is a little silly. My ears didn’t forgive me until we reached Penzance to start our next holiday!

Of course, seeing so much stuff in a day does lead to a smidge of mind fuck. Especially when the first half is in a tiny tent next to an amp stack… but, a sample of the better photos are below with a little commentary… I shall save the rest of the pub.

City Stereo (Queens Head Tent)

City Stereo (Queens Head Tent)

Lily Allen (Pyramid Stage)

Lily Allen (Pyramid Stage)

Doves (John Peel Tent)

Doves (John Peel Tent)

I finished Friday with Doves in the John Peel Tent, on the barrier. Some fat bloke had been trying to push past a few people to get to the front – I’d stood my ground so someone on the front make some room for me! 🙂

Doves were pretty awesome, especially playing ‘There Goes The Fear’ – the track which made me buy their album (my 2nd ever LP purchase) back in college! I will definately be investing in their new LP after my next trip away!

Lily Allen warmed up after a shaky start.

Fleet Foxes were lovely but not especially interesting. Pretty much like their album, I thought it went on a bit long.

The Slips were pretty cool. Music from laptops with dials does impress me slightly even if it is a little souless.

Perhaps not the kind of thing you’d expect me to see is Sub-Universe – check it out at http://www.myspace.com/subuniverse it certainly woke me up!

And finally… back to the start of Friday, with Bjorn Again. Ah, Abba. Nothing like a bit of cheese.

To be continued.

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