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Hot Chip

Posted by Alan on November 14, 2010

Hot Chip, originally uploaded by Alan Perryman.

The other good photo from the Hot Chip/LCD Soundsystem gig I managed to get. Hot Chip have certainly got better live and I do love the overt geekiness!

If you’re bored and have spotify… try One Pure Thought

My ears have almost returned to normal, not helped by Manchester RAG’s DJ on Friday night :-\

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A letter from God to Man

Posted by Alan on September 15, 2010

It’s been ages since I posted any lyrics I’m particularly enjoying… so given the papal visit this week this is kind of apt.  I’m not generally into hip hop/urban etc but these lyrics just speak out – to be honest I picked up the album because I am going to see Misty’s Big Adventure support them later this year and wanted to learn a bit more. Luckily it’s on spotify. ..

A letter from God to Man (Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Angles, 2008)

Hey There, how, how’s it going?
Long time no see.
I know I haven’t been around much lately
But…it didn’t seem like you wanted me to be
The last time I sent down a message you nailed it to the cross
So I figured I’d just leave you to it, let you be your own boss

But I’ve been keeping an eye on you, I have,
and it’s amazing how you’ve grown.
With your technological advances and the problems you’ve overthrown,
And all the beautiful art you’ve created with such grace and such finesse,
But I admit there are a few things I’m afraid have impressed me less.

So I’m writing to apologize for all the horrors committed in my name,
Although that was never what I intended,
I feel I should take my share of the blame.
All the good I tried to do was corrupted
when organised religion got into full swing,
What I thought were quite clear messages were taken to unusual extremes.
My teachings taken out of context to meet the agendas of others,
Interpretations taken to many different ways and hidden meanings discovered

Religion became a tool, for the weak to control the strong
With all these new morals and ethics, survival of the fittest was gone
No longer could the biggest man simply take whatever he needed
‘cause damnation was the price if certain rules were not heeded
Some of the deeds committed in my name
just made me wonder were I went wrong.
Back at the start when I created this, the foundation seemed so strong.
See all the elements were already here, long before I began,
I just kind of put it all together
I didn’t really think out a long-term plan.

I made the sun an appropriate distance and laid the stars across the sky
So you could navigate the globe or simply watch the sun rise
I covered the earth with plants and fruits,
Some for sustenance and some for beauty
I made the sun shine and the clouds rain
so their maintenance wasn’t your duty
I tried to give each creature its own attributes
without making them enveloped
I gave you all you all your own space to
grow and in your own way space to develop

I didn’t know such development would cause rifts and jealousy
Cause you to war against each other and leave marks on this planet indelibly
You see, I wasn’t really the creater, I was just the curator of nature
I want to get something straight with homosexuals right now: I don’t hate ya
I was a simple being that happened to be the first to wield such powers
I just laid the ground, it was You that built the towers

It was You that invented bombs, and the fear that comes with them
And it was You that invented money, and the corrupt economic systems
You invented terms like just-war and terms like friendly fire
And it was You that didn’t know
when to stop digging deeper, when to stop building higher
It was You that exhausted the resources I carefully laid out on this earth,
And it was You that even saw these
problems coming but accredited them little worth
It was You that used my teachings for your own personal gain
And it was You that committed such tragedies,
even though they were in my name

So I apologize for any mistakes I made, and when my words misconstrued
But this apology’s to mother nature, cause I created you

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Ready for the Floor

Posted by Alan on February 24, 2010

Almost another month goes by without me spilling diatribe onto here. Just what is wrong with me? Well, as per usual I just got busy and forgot. Lame eh?

So heading backwards… last Friday saw me at Manchester Academy 1 to see Hot Chip. Not a bad gig, the band took a bit of warming up but after a couple of old numbers mid-set got into their groove. Loved the fact that I bumped into ‘old’ uni-mates, nice to have a home 🙂

Hot Chip - Manchester Academy I

Hot Chip - Manchester Academy I

Hot Chip in pink

Hot Chip in pink

Academy I has changed a bit since uni…but not loads. I really should do more gigs…

Spotify nerds click:

* * *

Saturday week ago, Henry and Alice were in town so we figured we should check out some of the bars in the Shoreditch triangle.  Not quite enough to consititute a real pub crawl, but:

The Reliance - Old St

Nice little pub, selection of ales and ciders. Not too expensive for the trendy part of town!

Bricklayers Arms - Charlotte Road

Without a hat,  scarf or haircut we looked a bit out of place. OK ale though and decent jukebox at least!

Spread Eagle - Kingsland Road

No ale but interesting enough inside…

Then we took in some food at The Diner, back towards Old St again.

Finally we finished up in the Pembury Tavern, Hackney for a game of bar billiards.

Bar Billiards - Pembury Tavern

The Pembury is well worth a visit if you are in the area. Quite an unusual pub – huge, has a young clientele but sells only real ale, real cider and real lager (I think the closest lager was from Germany!).

Much of the rest of the time has been taken up working or thinking about BCS stuff.

It’ll be Easter before I know it.

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Posted by Alan on November 7, 2009

I haven’t done much new music lately. I am hoping not to get stuck in the 00’s!

I have however really enjoyed Lungs by Florence + The Machine. Favourite track is Hurricane Drunk (Spotify required). Lyrics as follows…

Hurricane Drunk – Florence + The Machine (Lungs, 2009)

No walls,
Can keep me protected
No sleep,
Nothing inbetween me and the rain
And you can’t save me now,
I’m in the grip of a hurricane
I’m gonna blow myself away.

I’m going out,
I’m gonna drink myself to death
And in the crowd
I see you with someone else,
I brace myself,
Cause I know it’s going to hurt,
But I like to think at least things can’t get any worse.

No home,
I don’t want shelter,
No calm,
Nothing to keep me from the storm,
And you can’t hold me down,
‘Cause I belong to the hurricane,
It’s gonna blow us all away.

I’m going out,
I’m gonna drink myself to death
And in the crowd
I see you with someone else,
I brace myself,
Cause I know it’s going to hurt,
But I like to think at least things can’t get any worse.

I hope that you see me,
Cause I’m staring at you,
But when you look over,
You look right through,
Then you lean and kiss her on the head,
And I never felt so alive, and so.. dead.

I’m going out,
I’m gonna drink myself to death
And in the crowd
I see you with someone else,
I brace myself,
Cause I know it’s going to hurt,
I’m going out, woah-oh-o

I’m going out
I’m gonna drink myself to death
And in the crowd
I see you with someone else,
I brace myself,
Cause I know it’s going to hurt,
I’m going out, woah-oh-o
I’m going out, woah-oh-o
I’m going o-o-o-o-o-o-out
I’m going out, woah-oh-o
I’m going out.

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The gig race

Posted by Alan on October 27, 2009

Been a bit of a frantic week for gigs. Firstly, last Thursday the Highbury Garage for Capital/Swimming/I Like Trains (iLT). I do like the garage – went there for the first time to see I Am Kloot not so long again and it’s good. Beer is a bit crap and expensive (£3.90 per pint of Guinness / metallic ‘cider’) but then it’s a gig venue, not a real ale pub!

I Like Trains

I Like Trains @ Highbury Garage

It wasn’t a great gig for photos either. Last time I saw iLT (way back in 2007 at the Scala) I managed to get some great shots on my phone. Alas even with a glass lens the C913 didn’t quite cut the mustard.

I Like Trains II

Close up of the lead singer

Of course, photography isn’t really why you go to a gig. Swimming were pretty good – after I’ve digested the latest pile of new CDs I’ll look into them more. iLT themselves played quite a few new songs which was OK. Highlights of the evening were Spencer Perceval and Terra Nova (Spotify required)

On Sunday, it was the turn of Bellowhead – a modern English folk band. This was up in the Academy 2 in Manchester (yes, resulting in the early morning start for London on a Monday. Owch!)


And it was pretty awesome.







A very lively gig with much audience stomping along 🙂

To check out: London Town, Widow’s Curse and The Outlandish Knight. The latter is my favourite track of theirs but they didn’t play it. (Bastards!). The studio recordings don’t quite capture the essence of the live performance but are worth a look nonetheless.

I also saw Bellowhead back in 2007. Perhaps it’s time I found some new bands to go see…

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Glastonbury 2009 – Friday

Posted by Alan on July 7, 2009

There isn’t going to be any particular order in these glasto notes – too much to write about and way not enough time or inclination to really bother!

Friday was a bit of a mission for me really. Not sure why but it just seemed like a good day to see a lot of bands. Maybe it was the lousy weather and the fact the queens head was pretty empty so I could see small bands and be dry. Needless to say, 15 bands in one day is a little silly. My ears didn’t forgive me until we reached Penzance to start our next holiday!

Of course, seeing so much stuff in a day does lead to a smidge of mind fuck. Especially when the first half is in a tiny tent next to an amp stack… but, a sample of the better photos are below with a little commentary… I shall save the rest of the pub.

City Stereo (Queens Head Tent)

City Stereo (Queens Head Tent)

Lily Allen (Pyramid Stage)

Lily Allen (Pyramid Stage)

Doves (John Peel Tent)

Doves (John Peel Tent)

I finished Friday with Doves in the John Peel Tent, on the barrier. Some fat bloke had been trying to push past a few people to get to the front – I’d stood my ground so someone on the front make some room for me! 🙂

Doves were pretty awesome, especially playing ‘There Goes The Fear’ – the track which made me buy their album (my 2nd ever LP purchase) back in college! I will definately be investing in their new LP after my next trip away!

Lily Allen warmed up after a shaky start.

Fleet Foxes were lovely but not especially interesting. Pretty much like their album, I thought it went on a bit long.

The Slips were pretty cool. Music from laptops with dials does impress me slightly even if it is a little souless.

Perhaps not the kind of thing you’d expect me to see is Sub-Universe – check it out at http://www.myspace.com/subuniverse it certainly woke me up!

And finally… back to the start of Friday, with Bjorn Again. Ah, Abba. Nothing like a bit of cheese.

To be continued.

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Glastonbury 2009 Overview

Posted by Alan on June 30, 2009

So was it worth all the mud? Hell yeah. Glastonbury was, as ever, an awesome experience. It did take me a while to drop out of real life and tune in… but that can only be expected now I’m a real person instead of student layabout.

Owing to the whole holiday thing, it’s going to take me ages to go through the photos and review stuff properly so here is just a list of what I saw.


  1. Liz Green (not Regina Specktor as I thought)
  2. Alessi’s Ark
  3. Golden Silvers


  1. Bjorn Again
  2. Sub-Universe
  3. The Slips
  4. Maura Kincaid
  5. The Mojo Fins
  6. City Stereo
  7. ? in orange chill n charge tent – had a single stealing all of the rifts from Echo beach due out August
  8. Fleet Foxes
  9. Lily Allen
  10. Little Boots
  11. Jack Peñate
  12. Layo and Bushwacker (Dance)
  13. Freeland (Live, Dance)
  14. Jamie T (begrudgingly, basically waiting for Doves…)
  15. Doves


  1. Live poetry at Speakers Forum (Danny Chivers, Claire Fawcett and Merrick)
  2. Mark Thomas
  3. I tried to get to Rolf Harris but 60,000 people showed up at a small stage. Fail.
  4. Eagles of Death Metal
  5. Hope and Social
  6. Bap Kennedy
  7. Lúnasa
  8. Maxïmo Park
  9. Pendulum
  10. Franz Ferdinand


  1. Status Quo
  2. Martin Healy Band (from the red flag bar – the queue took the entire set!)
  3. Kate Walsh
  4. Music of Penguin Cafe Orchestra
  5. The Capitol Years
  6. Madness
  7. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (from Solidarity Bar)
  8. Blur

And a quick few pix- was well worth taking a camera with a glass lens over a mobile!

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Glastonbury Revisited

Posted by Alan on June 21, 2009

On Tuesday, I’m off to Glastonbury festival. This is my second time – the first being in the gap between studenthood and paid employment.

So… I thought it might be nice to put up a quick reminder of last time to help get me in the mood 🙂

Glastonbury 2007…



  1. Modest Mouse
  2. Amy Winehouse
  3. Chas ‘N’ Dave
  4. Charlotte Hatherley
  5. The Coral
  6. Jack Peñate
  7. Arcade Fire
  8. Arctic Monkeys
  9. Björk (last track only… amazing light show!)
Polar Bears Mud Glorious Mud Arcade Fire


  1. Liz Green
  2. Three Daft Monkeys
  3. John Otway
  4. Nina Conti & Stan Stanley
  5. Simon Munnery
  6. Maxïmo Park
  7. Editors
  8. The Horrors
  9. Iggy Pop & The Stooges
  10. Dragonette
Simon Munnery Maximo Park Silent Disco


  1. Cold War Kids
  2. The Horrors (unintentional repetition!)
  3. Rumble Stripes
  4. The Young Knives
  5. Manic Street Preachers
  6. Kaiser Chiefs
  7. KT Tunstall
  8. Bellowhead
Manic Street Preachers Bellowhead

Panorama of Park

Wonder what I’ll see this time…

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Holy Fuck, Scala London

Posted by Alan on May 17, 2009

Just a quick entry as it’s already late on Sunday night and I should be getting ready for work… Thursday night I went to see a band called ‘Holy Fuck‘. I guess the name kinda prohibits mass radio play or chart success, but it was a really good do. Electronic music made with a few keyboards and lots of dials (see above dial porn…).

Support band was called “it hugs back”. They weren’t awful but neither were they really interesting.

Friday night we went to go see QI. Except our ticket got us as far as the queue where it was then first come first served. We were about 50 people too late. Bit pants, so instead went for a curry near Bond St which was nice enough 🙂

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Brass and Boats in Little Venice

Posted by Alan on May 3, 2009

Ahh bank holidays. Time to kick back in the flat and enjoy the rain? Not so this weekend. An unusual break in the London bank holiday weather allowed a bit of exploring.

So, what to do? Somewhere I found out about this boat thing down in Little Venice. Essentially lots of boats (and people) converge on the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal and have some fun. There was stalls a plenty, beer tents and a band that sometimes floated (see above).

I’ve put a whole load more shots online at http://alansrandomness.fotodock.co.uk/c1691986.html – I think I even managed to frame a few nicely this time!

Totally unrelated, I’ve been starting to wade through a bargain bag of albums from Vinyl Exchange in Manc. Have found what I think might be gem amongst the dross. This gem is ebb – think Sigur Ros but with the random electronic sounds of Thom Yorke. The vocals remind me very much of my architects who I saw support Cooper Temple Clause a few years ago.

Enough from me. The time zone change between West and East London has made me feel somewhat sleepy…zzzz…

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