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King Lear

Posted by Alan on March 14, 2009

On Friday we went to King Lear, at the Young Vic, Southwark.

It was pretty awesome. Very good use of props and the stage space. During the storm monologues, it rained. There’s about 15-20 minutes of storm and it rained the whole time. Infact, it rained so much that during the interval between Act 2 and 3, some stage hands appeared with mops.

However the most disturbing bit for me was the gory bit. I’m good with gore. At all. So when the earl of Gloucester had his eyes gouged out by Regen and the Earl of Cornwall I didn’t feel so good! Before I turned away “blood” had shot across the stage floor (falling just short of the audience). I missed the most gory bit, though Ruth did delight in telling me on the tube on the way home.

If you are booked to see it – enjoy! If not… I think it is sold out now 😦

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