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Windows 7

Posted by Alan on January 27, 2009

Yes! I’m one of the lucky thousands with Windows 7. So what’s new?

  • A slightly different UI to Vista, moving away from the familiar windows-y look and feel
  • Shiner graphics (well, if I wasn’t running it in a Virtual Machine)
  • Paint now looks like it’s part of Office 07
  • Internet Explorer 8

I haven’t spent much time playing yet, but it does look promising. Vista has been a bit of a waste of time/money for me in many ways. It looks a bit better but it doesn’t exactly make things easier, particularly when I start to faff on with LAME and Virtual Dub.

If you do like playing with tech, get it now though. It’s free. It seems to work and certainly isn’t any worse than what you could pay for. Infact, IE 8 looks pretty promising. Add a spellcheck and I might even think about using it from time to time!

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