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Crap cycling: Woodford New Road

Posted by Alan on November 2, 2010



Pedestrian's beware


This weekend we went for a walk through Epping Forest on the way to pick up some posh tea (Ruth and I were 8 years old this weekend!) we came across this classic Waltham Forest cycling intervention. The road here is basically wide enough for two lanes and as the cars reach the lights at the end, they often spread out ready for the junction as if they were.  But apparently there isn’t enough space for cyclists, so they have to share cyclists the limited pavement space with pedestrians!



Pointless end


Quite what that waste of paint is meant to achieve I don’t know.  The kerb isn’t dropped to allow you onto the road… and the cycle lane actually continues so it isn’t the end at all.



Almost as pointless end


As you approach the junction the pavement becomes a proper shared space – probably because of the road sign with the helpful supportive pole in the middle of the path.

Is it any wonder, when cyclists are encouraged to ride on the path they do so all over the place?

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They think you should stay on the bus

Posted by Alan on November 1, 2010

Bus stop and railings

Stay behind the railings!


Last weekend I took the bus shopping rather than cycling. Apart from the pangs of frustration at running to someone else’s timetable, something I spotted was this ‘intervention’.  In London buses generally have doors in the middle to let people off – so why, oh why, would you build railings roughly where the ‘out door’ would be (remember the bus will stop with the front bumper pretty much next to the stop ‘flag’).

And are railings really necessary anyway? They look ugly and do they actually do anything?

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Sunday Cycling Sunday

Posted by Alan on July 18, 2010

Been a very quiet weekend this weekend. Bit of shopping, bit of reading, bit of watching tele – the usual downtime activities. Once the weather brightened up this afternoon though I couldn’t stop in – so I hit the road on my bike and headed up towards Woodford, eventually reaching Buckhurst Hill (about 4¼ miles – 6.8kms) before turning back (admittedly, cheating a little by using the tube).

I hadn’t realised how much the landscape changes as you head deeper into the Epping Forest. The roads towards the north east are a constant climb – 276 feet in 3.42 miles. Only an average 1.5% grade but enough to wear me out a little.

Woodford Green - Epping Forest

Woodford Green

On the green at Woodford, there was a cricket match in progress.

Cricket on the Woodford green

Cricket on the green

Cricket on the Woodford green

Cricket on the green II

Back towards home I managed to spot the latest lot of duckings on Eagle Pond.

Ducklings and mummy duck!

Ducklings and mummy duck! (next to the pond scum)

Though the signets seemed to have disappeared… however the crown court looks even better when the sun is shining.

Snaresbrook Crown Court/Eagle Pond

Snaresbrook Crown Court/Eagle Pond

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