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More Olde Worlde Tube

Posted by Alan on September 22, 2009

On Friday I stupidly trusted the bus. Going up to Marylebone from work would be easy I though – I have 45 minutes, the no2 runs from Victoria. Easy.

Epic fail.

By the time I had crawled all of 10 metres along Oxford St I was late. Very late.

But… this did force a change of plan. A new meeting place and a trip into Marble Arch tube which is currently closed a lot for refurbishment works. It seems they really do just put adverts over adverts:

Great to see that history is sort of preserved – even if it is hidden most of the time!

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Back Online

Posted by Alan on September 16, 2009

I am finally back online. Bloody frustrating this moving house business – I called o2 the week before we moved to try sort things out. But no, we could only organise things once our new line had been activated. Then different departments wouldn’t talk to each other it’s taken until now to get back online.

Apparently my line will support 11Mbps. I’m paying for the up to 8 service – but only getting 6. What’s that all about?

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Hampton Court

Posted by Alan on September 6, 2009

A really quick post; still got loads of house things to sort and we still don’t have broadband yet!

Yesterday I popped up (well more trekked across town to) Hampton Court Palace. Here’s a few of the pix:

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