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Posted by Alan on April 2, 2011

Recycling, originally uploaded by Alan Perryman.

Waltham Forest encourage you not to dispose of your redundant bike irresponsibly by providing a bike recycling facility…

Edit 04/04/2011: I finally did a bit of research rather than jumping the gun and going with the sign. It’s not somewhere to just dump a bike – you can go down to buy a recycled bike cheap and get cycling, which is actually a pretty good idea. It might all be a bit random but for £45 you could get lucky…

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Cycling through Waltham Forest

Posted by Alan on March 16, 2011

Waltham Forest is notorious within the world of cycling blogging, mostly due to the work of freewheeler.  But what is is really like? Judge for yourself – using a gorilla pod and a fairly cheap digital camera… I recorded this earlier this year. Look of for cycle lanes that just stop, cycle lanes with bollards in them and lots of parked cars…


(Apologies about the purple streak – I’ve edited out the worst bits.  That’ll teach me for heading out at lunchtime…)

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Crap cycling: Woodford New Road

Posted by Alan on November 2, 2010



Pedestrian's beware


This weekend we went for a walk through Epping Forest on the way to pick up some posh tea (Ruth and I were 8 years old this weekend!) we came across this classic Waltham Forest cycling intervention. The road here is basically wide enough for two lanes and as the cars reach the lights at the end, they often spread out ready for the junction as if they were.  But apparently there isn’t enough space for cyclists, so they have to share cyclists the limited pavement space with pedestrians!



Pointless end


Quite what that waste of paint is meant to achieve I don’t know.  The kerb isn’t dropped to allow you onto the road… and the cycle lane actually continues so it isn’t the end at all.



Almost as pointless end


As you approach the junction the pavement becomes a proper shared space – probably because of the road sign with the helpful supportive pole in the middle of the path.

Is it any wonder, when cyclists are encouraged to ride on the path they do so all over the place?

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Crap cycling in Walthamsow

Posted by Alan on October 24, 2010


Is a Walthamsow a flying pig?

Just down the road from the glorious road improvements on Wood St Walthamstow,  is this fine sign.  Attention to detail? Thought not. Further up the cycle lane disappears completely – as suddenly one is encouraged to cycle up the pavement. Personally I prefer not to – as a pedestrian I don’t particularly like the idea of sharing my space with cyclist who is probably travelling at twice my speed!


Shared space - Woodford New Road (A104)

And why bother painting the red bit of the lane if cyclists are meant to swerve off behind the sign onto the pavement? Over to the other side of the road and there’s some white paint to let you know to expect cyclists.


Man and bike

As you see there is plenty of space here. Could fit a pretty good segregated lane off to the right alongside the road. Oh well…

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Irony and crap cycling

Posted by Alan on August 13, 2010

Last night on the way down the orient to see them win an award (don’t worry… beer not football related!) I spotted this in Bakers Arms, Leyton.

Chicken shop

Chicken shop

Now just zoom in on the window in the top right.

A diet clinic?

A diet clinic?

Really now?

I also spotted this excellent (not) cycling facility:

More crap cycling in Waltham Forest - bollard blocking cycle stand

More crap cycling in Waltham Forest

Yeah, it’s all good in East 17. There are two more narrowboat posts to finish…coming soon…

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Crap cycling in Waltham Forest

Posted by Alan on July 3, 2010

Since last week’s epic adventure to Hampstead, Chris pointed out a local blog campaigning for better cycling (or rather pointing out the failings of the current provision) – Crap Cycling & Walking in Waltham Forest

Not being a proper regular or militant cyclist (yet) I hadn’t really thought too much about the facilities. But this morning, doing a round trip to pick up post and shopping… it really became evident.

Cycling Hazard in Leytonstone High Road

Cycling Hazard in Leytonstone High Road

Leytonstone High Road is one of the better routes round here – cycle markings both sides. But today… the council are working on the drains, so not only do you have to cope with the car door/parking hazard but also the occasional slalom into the ‘car space’ just to keep moving forward.

Still 5 miles down today. Reckon I can get a few more in before the weekend is done…

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