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Posted by Alan on March 24, 2011

Roadhug, originally uploaded by Alan Perryman.

Spotted this at lights on the way to Liverpool st tonight. I don’t know what ‘roadhug’ is yet, but I’m not sure I like the sound of one. It conjures up images of people flat on the road to me!

7 Responses to “Roadhug”

  1. ian... said

    Lol – me knows neither.

    Are Londons bus drivers good role models, or is this a case of the kettle calling the pot?

    • Angi said

      Ok. Have just had a look at the video on the website for that poster. A very odd video…but then again what would you expect from the London Borough (Kensington & Chelsea) where urban tractors are the norm! You’ll never get an suv wielding ‘yummy mummy’ to treat any other road user with respect or courtesy…be they in their tractor or walking the pavement pushing their fancy buggy. (Wow…sorry I sound so bitter. It’s just the truth).

      Ian…London bus drivers are total crap, with very rare exception…so much so that when one stopped and gave me way once…it made my day!
      What are the bus drivers of the North like? Any better?

      • Alan P said

        Northern bus drivers tend to be worse IMHO. If you aren’t waiting by the door when it’s your stop, they don’t stop!

      • ian... said

        I find it depends on the bus company.

        Stagecoach have been trained well regarding cyclists & it shows on the whole.

        Another company for example – First – are another kettle of fish, although one was really courteous with me a few days ago which was a nice surprise!

  2. Does sound a bit horrible does roadhugging, but I suppose its memorable?


  3. Alan P said

    Finally home and had a quick look at http://www.roadhug.org.

    As road safety schemes, it seems quite good – recognising the fact that “70% of casualties in Kensington & Chelsea are not in vehicles” and that “inappropriate speed is a factor in these”, but then one page does seem to put the blame on those venerable road users (VRUs) saying that in “27% of collisions record failure to look properly” and that “failure to judge speed is recorded in 15% of collisions”, the latter with a direct reference to the VRUs not taking a second look. Certainly you have a responsibility to be awake when walking around but if speed is a problem, why not think about lowering it and reducing the collisions through shortened stopping distance?

    It was launched on March 10th, so it’s pretty new.

  4. PJ said

    It does seem to me though that there is too much emphasis on the cyclist not stopping at the pedestrian crossing in this video. It’s motorists that are causing carnage on the streets.

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