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An Olympic Year

Posted by Alan on January 1, 2013

So, yeah, when I come to think about it quite a lot happened this year.

Last year I finished with some very simple resolutions which I have stuck to reasonably well.

1. Weight: I’m generally keeping to the 75-78kgs range and with a bit more of a concerted effort I think I could get it down to 73-75 where perhaps those 32″ jeans might fit comfortably.

2: Walthamstow: this is probably the most likely candidate for failure. I still haven’t taken advantage of the music or comedy at the Rose & Crown nor investigated the reopening of The Bell.

3: Dry school nights: well, January went well. I’ll probably do the same in 2013.

4. Sarf Laandan: I did make it to the Horniman Museum, I’ve cycled back from Croydon a couple of times and taken advantage of the new Overground to nip round to Denmark Hill.

5. Cinema: Well and truly ticked, with R taken to both the new Batman and Bond movies. Maybe next year a film of her choice!

So, what else happened?

Well, as you might expect some more cycling particularly around the games time when I managed to cycle to work almost every day. We visited the Isle of Man which was pretty cool and I managed to tick off the Isle of Wight using the last remaining hovercraft service. There were a few lovely weddings and far too many of our friends have now dropped sproggs (at least for my liking!) Of course the Olympics did play a big part in our lives for the summer – my routine was turned upside down with the office changing to shift working and a number of shifts actually out and about with the travelling public.

The loss of my Young Persons Railcard hasn’t yet been particularly traumatic yet due to some careful planning, though I am sure the sting will come one day when I’m not able to plan weeks in advance. We did manage to get away between the two sets of games to Amsterdam using the new London Southend (!) Airport which was pretty cool. More cycling of course, but also some brewery visits to De Molen and t’IJ. Whisky Squad is now so popular I have only made it once or twice, but it’s still a good source of learning – I’m hoping they run another bourbon tasting at some point as I’ve missed them all… As well as making it to the cinema, R and I celebrated 10 years together in style at the Hawksmoor steak restaurant which was very tasty.

And to 2013?

Probably more of the same… I’d like to step up the cycling so that I cycle almost every day. That will require a bit more planning so that the river doesn’t get in the way too often. There are a few tick list items – acquiring and using a Raspberry Pi is January, a photo project or two for later in the year and possibly coast to coast via Brompton.

Quite a lot to look forward to, I hope to see you there!

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